Sunday, August 10, 2008
Forget iPhone

Now this is what i'm talking about. The upcoming HTC Touch Pro features a full Qwerty keyboard, touch screen, and a higher resolution screen than the iPhone a whopping 640x480 pixels. Now thats gonna yield some serious internet browsing! And the big ticket item, you get the excellent windows mobile platform. Why windows mobile? well besides the superior support for exchange server, you have the huge arsenal of applications from the windows mobile developer community (and not to mention free). No going through restrictive crappy app stores. Also you can tether this phone to your laptop, for broadband style internet anywhere on the go (a feature greatly lacking on the iPhone). You have remote desktop, for people who like to manage their home pc's on the go. Oh yeah and all that other stuff too: TV-out, GPS, AM/FM radio, camera, etc... The downside: its rumored to retail at like $800! Lets hope you get a better deal with a contract. It also seems to be missing a stylus which would've been nice, probably to push the new touch based interface. Oh, did I mention its also sexy? 




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